The web is an incredible platform. It’s accessed from different devices, operating systems, networks and regions. And every single time it’s up-to-date, and your experience with that site can be as permanent as you’d like.

In the last few years the world has witnesed an astonishing growth in the number of mobile phone users. Obvious reasons: cheap hardware, easy access to the internet. In this scenario the optimization of user experience on the mobile device is essential.

PWA delivers just that. If the best of web and the best of native app had a clone child- it’s PWA. It got…

More than a quarter of all websites are running in Wordpress — and for good reason. WordPress is the easiest and one of the popular blogging and website builder in existence today. From bloggers to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, use WordPress extensively.

At Geogo, we are using Wordpress since inception for managing our company’s website, product websites and blogs. But over the time we are facing certain performance issues in representational layer whenever the data is coming from multiple sources.

Gatsby — the game changer

In such scenario, our hot pick was GatsbyJS. Gatsby is mainly used to build static sites that are…

Ruby on Rails powers a lot of products at Geogo. We’ve started from Rails v4 and over the time developed many applications using this powerful web framework. Usually when we work on a complex application, a common UI component that comes again and again in every second page is, a Smart Table. A data table with features like searching, sorting, filtering and pagination in AJAX. And till Rails 5 our hot pick for this component was smart_listing gem, which provided those features out-of-the-box.

What’s the problem then? — let me explain

On August 2019 Rails 6 got released, which came with a lot of exciting features like Action…

I often used to think in my college days, why a subject called Automata was there in our curriculum. At that time a book full of Moore & Mealy machines, DFA, Context Free Languages, Turing machines never amused me. But later I realised that in our daily life we are surrounded by State machines aka Finite State Machines (FSM). Whether we are withdrawing money from ATMs, or buying a nice pair of shoes from our favourite e-commerce website, or following traffic lights on road, they are everywhere.

Finite State Machine — a light intro

As the name says, it’s a way to model the behaviour of certain…

When I first started to re-design my company website I was very excited to use ReactJS to build the front-end application in the React way. But soon I realised, in the excitement of using the new JS library I completely forgot about the content part. Who will send me dynamic contents?

And seriously this time I was not in a mood to develop a backend app with Rails or NodeJS. Rather I wanted someone else to handle the role of a typical Content Management System (CMS).

React + Redux + Contentful — the concept

The idea is very simple! There will be a CMS who will serve data…

Avishek Jana

Technology Enthusiast — Full Stack Engineer — @Geogo

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